Monthly Archives: March 2022

Mar 18

YACC: Psalm 63 Wishing to be near God

This week we are exploring Psalm 63, Wishing to be near God Here are our video’s to help you explore the Psalm:  What are Psalms?  The Book of Psalms was compiled over a period of hundreds of years. It contains five collections or ‘books’ of psalms (religious songs and prayers) written by many different authors including Moses […]

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Mar 12

YACC: Psalm 27 Trust in God

This week in YACC we are looking at Psalm 27, Trusting God  Here is a link to a Child friendly version: Below is the version in NIV Our Bible video’s for this week’s session are:  Following God asks us to be strong and patient. Knowing that he is always by our side, always listening, always with […]

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Mar 04

YACC: Jesus is tempted

This week in our YACC session we are exploring the Bible reading from Luke 4 verses 1-13, looking at when Jesus is tempted in the Wilderness Below are some video’s to help you explore today’s reading What was Saturn trying to do to Jesus whilst he was in the wilderness?  How long was Jesus in the […]

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