Monthly Archives: July 2022

Jul 15

YACC: Amos and the ripe fruit

This weekend we are looking at the Prophet Amos, and the ripe fruit. The Bible reading is Amos 8 v1-12 Now you have read the Bible reading why not watch the Bible videos below and then try answering the questions in the above activity card?  Using the activity card below see if you can try […]

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Jul 08

YACC: Amos the Prophet

This week in Youth & Children’s Church we are exploring Amos the Prophet, using the Bible reading Amos 7 v7-17 Using the activity card above and the Bible story video’s below can you try and answer the Questions in this week’s session?  Why not try out some of the activities above and below with your […]

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Jul 01

YACC: Naaman is healed

This Sunday our Youth & Children’s session is looking at the Bible reading where Naaman is healed by Elisha. The reading is 2 King 5 v1-14 This is our activity card for this week:  Here are our Bible videos for this week to help you and your family explore the session further:  Now you have […]

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