YACC: Jesus is tempted

Mar 04

This week in our YACC session we are exploring the Bible reading from Luke 4 verses 1-13, looking at when Jesus is tempted in the Wilderness

Below are some video's to help you explore today's reading

What was Saturn trying to do to Jesus whilst he was in the wilderness? 

How long was Jesus in the wilderness for? 

Did Jesus eat anything when he was in the Wilderness?

What kinds of things do you think Jesus may of prayed about? 

Have you or your family given up anything during this Lent period? Is anyone finding it tricky?

Below are our worship songs for this week:

Dear God,
Thank you for the love you have for all of us.
Thank you that you are with us in both good and bad times.
Thank you that Jesus went through tough times.
Thank you that he never gave up, but continued to love us.
Please help us always to be ready to help others when they are in need.


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