Monthly Archives: October 2020

Oct 31

YACC Light Party

God’s light prayer. We are Children of light, no longer in the darknessLord, I thank you for shining your light into the darkness. You help me look forward to brighter days. Lord, I thank you for yesterday and I’m thanking you for today too. I thank you for the love you are showing towards me, […]

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Oct 30

Light Party: Walk in the light

Today’s Light Activity is a game called: Walk in the light   Supplies: flashlight (not a phone flashlight – one with a defined beam)   Play: To play, shine a flashlight on the floor in front of the kids, moving it around at random. Kids must try to step on the light while you move […]

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Oct 28

Light Party: Light switch

Today’s Light Party activity is to…….   Help me be a Light to others: Light Switch Cover   To make a Light switch cover you will need: tracing paper or baking parchment, felt tip pens, cellotape or bluetac and scissors Measure your light switch and then draw/ measure out the correct size square on your […]

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Oct 27

Light Party: Christian Pumpkin Carving Story

Being a Christian is kind of like being a pumpkin.   Here’s what God does when we invite Him into our hearts…   Step 1: Wash Your Pumpkin   “We’re not a pumpkin, but we’re kind of like one. God picks us from the patch, brings us in and washes us clean. Just like a […]

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Oct 26

Light Party: Light house craft

Todays craft is to make your own lighthouse. You will need two plastic cups, red tape, black tape and a battery tealight.    The link for the main instructions is here:    Whilst making your light house listen / watch to My lighthouse 

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Oct 25

Sunday 25th October – Eucharist for Bible Sunday

Our worship this morning will come from the Cathedral and Abbey Church of St Albans. This morning please do join with us in worshipping with those at our Mother Church – the Cathedral and Abbey Church of St Albans. We are joining them for a Choral Eucharist for Bible Sunday.   The link to the […]

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Oct 21

Reflection for Wednesday 21st October

Psalm 98; Ephesians 3:2-12; Luke 12: 39-48    How many of us compare ourselves  to others? How many of us think we aren’t as godly or as “Christian” as someone else? We see in our reading from Ephesians we are not the only ones who want to rank or compare ourselves to others. Paul writes […]

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