Monthly Archives: November 2021

Nov 30

The Nativity Story Advent Journey

As we all travel together through this Advent period we can often wonder how Mary, Joseph and their hardworking Donkey travelled on their way to Bethlehem, who they encountered and what they saw.  This Advent calendar has been made by Anthony, one of our servers. He has spent along time putting it together and we hope […]

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Nov 22

YACC: The parable of the Sheep & the Goats

This week’s YACC session is exploring the bible reading Matthew 25 verses 31-46 Our Bible video story below will explain the bible reading further:  Why do you think Jesus describes his followers as Sheep and not Goats?  What can we do in our families to help those in need in our community?  What do we do as […]

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Nov 19

YACC: The parable of the Talents

Today’s session is looking at Matthew 25 v14-30 The parable of the Talents.   These are today’s videos exploring the Bible reading  This video clip shows us how we could use our talents o help others.  ‘Give your heart to others’ What talents do you have? How could you share them with others? How do you […]

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Nov 13

YACC: The parable of the 10 Bridesmaids

Today’s session is looking at The parable of the 10 bridesmaids. The Bible reading is Matthew 25 v1-13  Discussion point:: What do you think that this parable is teaching us? Where the bridesmaids expecting to wait for such along time for the bridegroom to arrive?  How do you keep your love and light shinning for God and […]

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Nov 05

YACC: The parable of the midnight visitor

Todays YACC session is looking at The parable of the midnight visitor.  Below is today’s bible story video:  Jesus was telling His disciples to ask for the things they needed and God would listen to them. All they had to do was ask. Never give up asking if it is important.It is interesting that the […]

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