YACC: Psalm 27 Trust in God

Mar 12

This week in YACC we are looking at Psalm 27, Trusting God 

Here is a link to a Child friendly version: https://www.psalmsforkids.com/psalm-27/

Below is the version in NIV

Our Bible video's for this week's session are: 

Following God asks us to be strong and patient. Knowing that he is always by our side, always listening, always with us as we journey along the path. Being patient, kind and serving others. We might not see God but we know he is with us so trusting him and serving him as Christians. We might not always get it right, we may get it wrong but we can learn, say sorry and try again. 

Why not try some 'Trust' games with your family: 

Blindfolded Obstacle course: Set up a small obstacle course. One person guides you round the course whilst you are blindfolded and you have trust them to help you along the course.

Trust fall: One person stands behind the other. one needs to fall back trusting that the person behind them will catch them. 

Trust walk: in pairs hold hands, one of you is blindfolded and the other isn't. Don't let go of hands. without talking see if you can both go for a walk without letting go of hands or talking. 

Heavenly Father, you know us better than we know ourselves. You know everything we could ever want or need. Lord, right now you know what we are struggling with. Holy Spirit, give us clarity and wisdom as you move us towards your will. Help us to trust in all that you are doing. Thank you for listening, hearing, leading, and guiding us each and every day. Amen


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