Monthly Archives: October 2021

Oct 22

YACC: Jesus heals a blind man

Today’s YACC session is looking at the reading Mark 10 v46-52 Some questions to think about and discuss in your families:  What amazing thing happened in the reading?  How do you think you would of felt if this was you in the reading?  How do you think his life changed after meeting Jesus? Here is the Bible video […]

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Oct 16

YACC: 17th October

This week we are exploring the Bible reading Mark 10 v35-45: God wants us to serve others. To love each other and serve each other. To all be equal and to follow him. In your families can you think about / discuss how you can make a new person welcome here at Church? or at […]

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Oct 09

YACC 10/10/2021 God’s kingdom first

Today’s YACC session is looking at the bible reading from Mark 10 17-31. Thinking about God’s kingdom first before anything else we have, own and want.  With your family think about what things you have that are your real treasures, your favourite cuddly toy and your favourite book. Do you have a particular favourite thing […]

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Oct 02

YACC: Draw closer to God

Today we are going to be looking at the part of the bible in the book of Mark.   Mark 10: V 13-16 Our Worship Videos for today are:  Insert Image Together at home have got some good activities and colouring to try at home linked with drawing closer to God 

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