YACC: Thy Kingdom Come

May 14

Thy Kingdom Come 2021 is here! Below are the daily session videos and the activity packs to go with them. We hope you really enjoy the sessions! Thanks to Cheeky Pandas, Thy Kingdom come and Together at home for providing us with some fantastic resources 

Day One: Jesus 

Day two: Praise 

Day 3: Thanks 

Day 4: Sorry

Day 5: Offer 

Day 6: Pray 

Day 7: Help

Day 8: Adore 

Day 9: Celebrate

Day 10: Silence 

Day 11: Pentecost 

Here is a copy of the Cheeky Panda's prayer booklet 

Do join us in Church for our 10am all age Pentecost service on 23/5/21

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