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Oct 28

Light Party: Light switch

Today’s Light Party activity is to……. Help me be a Light to others: Light Switch Cover  To make a Light switch cover you will need: tracing paper or baking parchment, felt tip pens, cellotape or bluetac and scissors Measure your light switch and then draw/ measure out the correct size square on your paper. Cut your […]

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Oct 27

Light Party: Christian Pumpkin Carving Story

Being a Christian is kind of like being a pumpkin. Here’s what God does when we invite Him into our hearts… Step 1: Wash Your Pumpkin “We’re not a pumpkin, but we’re kind of like one. God picks us from the patch, brings us in and washes us clean. Just like a pumpkin, we have an inside and […]

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Oct 26

Light Party: Light house craft

Todays craft is to make your own lighthouse. You will need two plastic cups, red tape, black tape and a battery tealight.  The link for the main instructions is here:  Whilst making your light house listen / watch to My lighthouse 

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Oct 01

Vintage Church: Harvest

Today’s Vintage Church is looking at Harvest and The parable of the seed. Below you will find a video clip, Harvest Hymns and our craft activity which is making a leaf bowl. I hope you enjoy today’s session  At Harvest time, when the work of the scarecrow is complete, having watched over the crops from […]

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