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Mar 21

Lent Challenge 2021

Welcome to Day 1 of our* Lent Challenge as we count down to Easter. The king needs to get to the capital city. DESIGN A VEHICLE FIT FOR A KING!⁠ Two thousand years ago there were no cars or planes, limousines or spaceships. 2000 years ago in Israel (the country Jesus came from) the fastest way […]

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Mar 12

YACC Hannah 1 Samuel 1

How can you tell someone is strong? If I could do 10 push ups would I be strong? 20? 30? 40 push ups? I don’t think I could do that many!! Well I am not super strong, but today we are going to talk about God being strong. How can you tell how strong God is? […]

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Feb 26

YACC Jesus predicts his own death

Some questions to think about…… How do you think the disciples felt that Jesus would save us?  Do you think the disciples expected Jesus to die to save us all?  What super hero skills do you think Jesus had?  

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Feb 12

YACC Jesus is transformed Sunday 14th Feb

Today’s questions link into our bible videos are:  I wonder what your favourite part of the story was  I wonder what the most important part of that story was  I wonder what Peter,  James & John felt when they saw that Jesus had changed & that Moses & Elijah had appeared  I wonder how they felt when they heard […]

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Feb 05

YACC 7th Feb 2021

Whilst you are watching the first bible story video from Margaret from St Albans Diocese think about these questions….. Q1 What was your favourite part of todays reading? Q2 What was the most important part for you? Q3 Jesus as the light? Jesus as the word? Jesus as a baby (flesh)? Which is your favourite way of understanding […]

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Jan 29

YACC: Candlemas

Whilst you are watching the Bible story today why don’t you think about these Questions:  What kind of bad things were happening outside of the temple?  Who went out and told all the people what they had seen at the Temple?  What happened to the Light?  I wonder what you thought was the most important part of the story?  How […]

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