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Apr 08

Easter Quiz

Easter Quiz  Questions and awnsers 1:True or false: Easter has a fixed date? 2:What type of bun is traditionally eaten on Good Friday? 3:When do Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus? 4:Can you unscramble the name of a famous Easter character:  RESTEA NYNUB 5:Which of the following cakes is traditionally eaten at Easter time: a) Battenberg, b) Panettone, c) Simnel […]

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Apr 07

How to make an Easter Garden

To make an Easter Garden you will need * A shallow tray or dish *Garden soil or potting compost *Moss, cut grass or sand *Dried twigs *Sewing thread *Small pot *Flat stone large enough to cover the mouth of the pot *Egg cups (or other small containers) *Small flowers *Gravel  and white material To Make: 1. Fill the tray with soil or potting compost. 2. Arrange it to […]

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