Vintage Church: Harvest

Oct 01

Today's Vintage Church is looking at Harvest and The parable of the seed. Below you will find a video clip, Harvest Hymns and our craft activity which is making a leaf bowl. I hope you enjoy today's session 

At Harvest time, when the work of the scarecrow is complete, having watched over the crops from sowing to reaping. The parable of the growing seed helps us to think about the many ways in which God has watched over us from childhood, through both good and challenging times, even though we are often unaware of his presence. 

Think about /discuss the times during your life so far that God has been present watching through your happy and challenging times.

To make an autumn leaf bowl you will need: dry flat leaves, PVA glue, balloon

Blow up a balloon (the larger the balloon, the larger your bowl will be) and rest in in a bowl. Cover the top of the balloon and the top sides of leaves with decoupage medium or PVA glue. Gently layer the leaves face down on the balloon, forming a bowl shape. Brush more decoupage medium or PVA glue on the backs of the leaves. Let dry, then poke a hole in the balloon and discard balloon. Then your leaf bowl is ready 

Father God, 

We thank you for watching over us as we grow from the tiny egg, into a baby and throughout our childhood and into adulthood. Thank you for always being there to listen to us, guiding us and nurturing us.

We pray that you show us the path that we should be on and that we always demonstrate your love and forgiveness to others whom we encounter on our journey through life. 

In Jesus' name we pray 


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