Light Party: Walk in the light

Oct 30

Today's Light Activity is a game called: Walk in the light

Supplies: flashlight (not a phone flashlight – one with a defined beam)

Play: To play, shine a flashlight on the floor in front of the kids, moving it around at random. Kids must try to step on the light while you move it.

If playing as a small group, continue to the next step. If playing as a large group, select 4 children from the group to join you. If you’re on a stage, you should stand on the stage and have the children stand in front of it. Dim the lights in front of the stage if possible.

Say: For this game, I’m going to use my flashlight to shine light onto the floor, and you need to try to stay in the light at all times. (Turn on flashlight and point to the floor) So if the flashlight starts here (invite kids to stand in the light or put a foot in the light) but then moves here (quickly move the flashlight to another spot), they have to keep up! Let’s see how well you can walk in the light.

Play the game for a few minutes, moving the flashlight around the space and encouraging kids to try to stay in it. Optional: add multiple flashlights or change out the group of kids and give another set of 4 a turn.

Say: Great job! Now I have a question for you… what did you have to look at in order to stay in the light? (let children respond) Did you look at the light or at the darkness? (let children respond)

Say: Yes! They had to focus on and pay attention to the light so they could stay inside it. It is the same thing with God. God is the true Light, and when we look at Him and His Word, we can stay close to Him.

                                                                                                                        John 1:5 “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.”

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