YACC: The dishonest steward / True Wealth

Sep 16

Today's Youth and Children's Church session is looking at the parable 'The dishonest Steward' from the Bible reading from Luke 16 v1-13 

Below is our activity card and some questions for you to discuss after you have watched the two videos that will help you to explore the Bible reading further. 

Now you have watched the two videos that go with the parable we are exploring as a family why not see if you can answer some of the questions: 

How can we be good stewards of our community? Of our Church or school? Of our world? 

Can you think of some ways that Queen Elizabeth II showed our country and the common wealth that she was a good disciple and role model to other Christians? 

Can you think of someone who has shown you the way when you were a bit lost or unsure? Can your grown up tell you about a time when somebody was a good disciple or role model to them? 

Our closing prayer for this term is called 'The Irish Blessing' 

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