YACC: James 3 Don’t Argue

Sep 18

Today's YACC session is looking at James 3 v14 4-8 and is called Don't Argue 

Today we are going to think about ways that we can try to be calmer, kinder and better Christians.  In order for us to be calmer we need to be able to learn more about ourselves and then we can see why we respond to others or situations that may cause us to be grumpy/unkind/react in a way we may regret if we were calmer or had thought about it for a few moments more before responding. 

So in today's session i thought we could look at and try some Yoga and some meditation techniques that we could use to help us feel calmer and happier. Then we may be better at responding to others, face situations more calmly and feel less stressed or anxious. 

The yoga session above explores the story of creation

I hope you have found today's session interesting and have had some food for thought about using some of the techniques above as ways to help us all be calmer. 

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