YACC: Body of Christ

Jan 22

This week we are looking at the Bible reading which looks at The Body of Christ, 1 Corinthians 12 v12-30

Below are the Bible videos that go with the reading: 

Each one of us has been given unique gifts, skills and qualities that God has chosen for us. God helps us to use these gifts in special ways to send out our love to those around us. 

What special gifts do you have? 

How as a family do you support each other? 

How do you support your friends and peers? 

How can you use your unique gifts or talents to help, support and grow those around you?

Have you had someone invest time in your to support you/teach you something or help you grow and develop a certain skill? 

Today's worship video's are: 

Today's Prayer: 

Thank you for our Church, the Ministry team and those who are helping us to learn more about you and so that we can grow and strengthen our faith. Thank you for the wonderful gifts and talents you have given each of us. Thank you for the gifts and talents you have given each one of the people in my life. Thank you for the time and commitment others have shown me and invested in me to help me to grow and learn more about you and the interests /hobbies i enjoy. Thank you that others help me to learn, grow and flourish.

Sorry that i don't always do the right thing or use my special gifts in a positive way.  

Please help me and my family to learn more about our special gifts and talents, Help us to understand our talents and how we can share them and grow others in my community. 

In Jesus'' name we pray.     


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