St Francis Camp Out: Marshmallow Constellations

Jul 27

Welcome to the 1st of 6 posts of activities and ideas you can prepare ready for St Francis Camp Out this weekend! 

You can join in by camping or building a den in your home, garden or on holiday. Or you can take part in some of the activities and enjoy your own snuggly bed! 

You will need mini marshmallows, uncooked spaghetti, paper and pens. 

Using the guide and pictures below see if you can draw onto the paper the constellations and then build it using mini marshmallows and spaghetti. 

Then once you have done this use the star gazing guide in the evening when it is dark and see if you can spot any in the sky. 

Dont forget to wash your hands, taste test a few of the mini  marshmallows before you build with them and have fun!

Dont forget to share your photos with the YACC team at: 

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