Palm Sunday 2022

Apr 04

This Sunday's YACC session is on Palm Sunday and we will be exploring Luke 19 v28-40

Below are some Bible videos to help you explore the reading some more

What would you do if a King visited you and your family? 

How would you feel? 

Why did people lay down palm branches and cloaks before Jesus? 

What do you think it would of been like to see Jesus riding on a donkey? 

Did everyone believe that Jesus really was the Son of God?

Why was Jesus riding on a donkey? Riding on a Donkey was a sign of peace, he was demonstrating humility and that he was a true servant to God. People laid their palm branches and cloaks down as a respectful way of making a path for a King. People cheered and shout Hosanna, which means 'save us' 

Why don't you play the worship music below and find or make some musical instruments and shake them and shout hosanna and pretend you are in the crowd waiting for Jesus to come past on his Donkey. 

Play musical clothes. lay some clothes or material around the room, lay the music below and when you pause it everyone has to stand on clothes. take an item away each time until there is only 1 cloth and 1 winner left. 

Why not create a palm leaf and a Donkey facemask?

Donkey Facemask: 

palm leaf template: 

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