Messy Remembrance

Nov 08

This posts looks at Remembrance and allows us to create a Poppy and reflect, pause and pray as a way of remembering those who have fought and died for us to have peace and justice. 

To make your Torn Poppy follow the instructions available:

You can make a Poppy lantern using the template below or by using the link:

These gorgeous Poppy's are made using sticky back plastic. use the link to find out more:

Here is the link to make these gorgeous candle jars:

To make this beautiful Poppy cross follow this link: 

Make your own door reef, use two paper plates or cut two circles out of a cereal box. You then need to cut out a smaller circle from the middle of the bigger circles so you have the shape as shown above in the photo. Stick both pieces together to make the shape more sturdy. Then you will need to wrap green coloured wool or yarn around the shape. once all of the shape is covered you can then push your Poppy's through. Then you will have a lovely poppy reef. 


Using a paper plate cut slits around the edges to create a Poppy petal effect. Then cover with glue and collage with red & black material or you can use paints or felt tips to colour in and create your Poppy 

Playdough Mat: Print off and explore this Remembrance Playdough mat 

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