Maundy Thursday

Apr 11

Today we are exploring Maundy Thursday. The Bible reading that we will be looking at today is Mark 14 v 12 -50, we are mainly focusing on The last supper, v 12-26 have created a great activity card, see above, why not try out the activities  and discuss the questions together as a family.

Today's prayer

O Lord our God, tonight we gather to remember our Savior Jesus and his sacrifice of love for us.  We pause to remember his last meal with his closest friends and disciples.  We pause to remember the betrayal he would suffer.  We pause to remember the pain that would be His to bear.  We gather to bear witness to our Savior.  We gather to grow in our faith and be renewed once again by the Story of mystery, Story of the Resurrection.  Send your Spirit to be with us this night till Easter morning.  In Christ we pray.  Amen.

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