Holy Tuesday

Apr 11

Today's session is looking at Holy Tuesday. Our reading today is Matthew 21 v 33-46

Below are today's Bible story videos to help you explore the Bible reading 

Some questions for you to think about and discuss with your families: 

What did Jesus ask the tenants? 

Why did the tenants reject Jesus? 

'God is a God of love, who cares for us enough to offer second chances when things go wrong. God demonstrates mercy through Christ, and He gives the job of building the kingdom to those who will do so responsibly…people like us!'

Follow the link below so you can try out their grape and raisins activity:


Dear God,
Thank you for sending your son Jesus
Thank you for giving us second chances
Even when we keep making mistakes
Help us to show love to one another
Thank you for your love
We love you, God!
In Jesus name, Amen!

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