Day 10: Thy Kingdom Come: Silence

May 30

Day 10: Thy Kingdom Come is Silence

Please find the prayer journal page for today below for you to print off or read and reflect

Our YACC activity for today is: Day 10: Spreading hearts prayers

Watch as the hearts spread out to include those you are praying for.
You will need: cups with about an inch of water at the bottom; strips of kitchen roll; felt-tip pens (cheap and cheerful are good and definitely not permanent markers—you need the ink to run).
Draw a heart about two inches up the strip and colour in with pen. Slightly above and outside of the heart you have drawn, write the initials of someone (or draw a face of someone!) that you would like to get to know Jesus. Put the end of the strip in the water and pray that they will come to know that Jesus loves them. Watch as the water slowly climbs up the strip, and the ink in the heart spreads out to cover and absorb the initials/face.

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