YACC Superhero week 1: Abraham

Jul 21

Hi Everyone! Over the next 5 Sundays during the summer holidays we are going to be looking at 'Superheroes of the Bible' 

This week we are looking at Abraham, mainly focusing on the Bible reading Genesis 18 1-16   

Thank you to TATH for the Superhero theme posters and bible links. https://www.tath.co.uk/ 

Abraham trusted in God and did everything he said. He believed everything that God had said would happen as he knew that God always kept his promises. Even when the wait was long or hard Abraham knew that the promise would be kept.  

Lord We thank you for the story of Abraham, how he dedicated his life to you and believed and trusted in you always. Let us all be more like Abraham and know you have our journey in your hands. 

God of all,
We pray for our young people today.
We thank you for their vigor and energy,
Their particular way of engaging with the world,
Their potential, and futures.
We pray Lord for the one in five young people who are not employed, not in education or training,
And especially for the young women who make up this statistic.
On this day, we cry out on their behalf.
We say sorry for when we have failed to support and look after young people.
We pray for the projects and opportunities that are focused on giving young people the chance to fulfil their potential.
May you bless them,
Sustain them and continue to inspire solutions that will give young people a future filled with hope.
Hear our prayer O Lord,


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