YACC: David becomes King

Jul 03

Today's YACC session is looking at the bible reading:

2 Samuel 5 1-10 

Why do you think people chose for David to become King?

How do you think David felt when he finally got to become King?  

Who always keeps His promises? 

What promise was David waiting for God to fulfill? 

True or False David rejoiced and threw a party when he heard Saul was dead. 

What did David do before making any decision? 

Where did David rule as king first?  

Where did David build his palace? 

What did David want to do for God?

What promises did God give to David?

What promise are you waiting for God to fulfill?  How will you live your life as you wait?

For answers please follow this link: https://ministry-to-children.com/david-becomes-king-lesson/ 

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