Jul 22

YACC Praise Party!

To finish the end of term we decided we would have a games and praise party! Below are some of our worship songs from our sessions: Don’t forget to join Nikki in Church at 9.15 on the following dates for some fun sessions over the holidays: 

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Jul 15

YACC: The parable of the sower

This week’s Youth and Children’s Church is looking at  ‘The parable of the sower’  from the reading Matthew 13 v1-9 & 18-23 Watch the Bible videos below and they will help you to explore the reading some more: Why not try and see if you can discuss the questions below together?  Our activity suggestion to […]

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Jul 07

YACC: Adam & Eve

Today we are exploring Adam and Eve, from the bible reading from Genesis 3 V1-7  To help you explore the bible reading some more watch these bible videos below: Now its time to think about the questions below? You could try out these activities at home  Our worship videos for this session are: Our closing […]

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Jun 26

Children’s Church: Ezekiel

This week we are looking at Ezekiel. The bible passage is from Ezekiel 37 V 1-14  The bible videos below will help you explore the bible reading some more: Now you’ve read the bible reading and explored the videos can you see if you can discuss the following questions with your friends and family? Why […]

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Jun 23

Known: David

This week’s Children’s Church is looking at the bible reading from 1 Samuel 16 V1-13 where we will be exploring David  Our bible videos below will help you explore this week’s reading Why not try and explore the questions below with your family?  Why not try these activities out at home? Our worship songs for […]

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Jun 16

Children’s Church: Moses provides at Exodus

In today’s session we are looking at ‘Moses provides at Exodus’ the bible reading is from Exodus 17 V 1-7 Below are the bible story videos to help you explore the bible reading further. Some questions to think about are:  Why not try these activities out at home: https://www.affinitywater.co.uk/saveourstreams/tips our worship songs this week are:  Our […]

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Jun 09

YACC: Abram

This Sunday’s Youth and Children’s Church session is exploring Abram and the trust he had in God. We will be exploring Genesis 12 V1-4 To help you explore the reading further why not watch the Bible videos below: Today’s worship videos are: Our closing prayer for today: God, help me trust you with my decisions and […]

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May 26

Sunday 28th May – Pentecost

Welcome to our 10am Communion Service for Pentecost, whether you are joining us for the first time or are regularly with us. It is a pleasure to be able to bring you these services and worship together.  The church is open for public worship (8am and 9.15am on Sundays, 7.30pm Tuesdays & 10.30am Wednesdays).  Unfortunately we will […]

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May 20

Thy Kingdom Come 2023

Join in with Thy Kingdom Come prayer journey to Pentecost with the Church of England. Each day there will be a journal page to explore. The website is full of resources for Children, Youth and Adults as well as an app to download. For all the resources to explore and download the app copy and […]

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