YACC: Saul is converted

Apr 30

Our YACC session this week is looking at Acts 9 v 1-20,

Saul is converted:

Our Bible story videos below will help you explore the reading from the Bible in more details: 

The video below is aimed at Key stage 2 plus and is a much longer video

Questions to think about:

How do you think Saul felt when God was speaking to him?

What do you think made Saul think that Jesus was the son of God?

How did Saul change? 

What did Saul do differently?

There are more questions to think about as well as some games to try at home in the posters below:

Our Worship songs for today's session are:

Today's prayer: 

Dear God, We come before you and we thank you for this day and all that it’s brought our way, the good things and the hard things too. Thank you that within it all, you’ve reminded us again how much you love us and are always with us. We pray that you would help us to leave all of our cares and worries with you right now. Forgive us for the times we didn’t get it right today, in our attitudes or actions. We confess our need for you, and we thank you that you’re so loving and forgiving, compassionate and kind. Help us to be more like you every single day.

Thank you that you constantly remind us we never have to be afraid, in the day or the night. So we choose to put our trust in you as we lay our heads down and close our eyes to rest. We need the sleep and peace that only you can give. We pray for good dreams, for your blessings to surround us in every way.



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