YACC: Jesus calls his disciples

Feb 04

This week's Youth and Children's Church session is looking at when Jesus calls his first Disciples. We will be exploring the reading of Luke 5 verses 1-11

Here are a selection of Bible story clips that will help you to learn more about todays Bible reading. 

Some questions that you could talk about as a family are: 

What is a disciple? 

What did Jesus want his disciples to go out and do? 

What does it look like to be a good disciple? 

Can you think of someone at School, at Church or at  a club you attend who helps you grow and get better at something? Or takes time to help you with an interest or hobby you have. 

How can we be good disciples? What qualities do you think a disciple might have? 

Listen to the worship song and think about some of the above questions 

Why not try a few of these suggestions at home with your family and see the different ways we follow others. 

Flappy fish race: Cut out a fish template from paper, one per person. Create a starting place and fishing line. Have a newspaper per person. Have a race and see who can get there fish to the fishing line by flapping there newspaper at the fish. 

Play the Pirate boat game: 1 gives instructions and the rest have to act out those instructions: Climb the rigging, walk the plank etc

Try playing Simon Says or Children's Christian Yoga and follow the instructions.  The videos below will show you how:

Our last worship song is called Every day:

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