YACC Hannah 1 Samuel 1

Mar 12

How can you tell someone is strong? If I could do 10 push ups would I be strong? 20? 30? 40 push ups? I don’t think I could do that many!! Well I am not super strong, but today we are going to talk about God being strong.

How can you tell how strong God is? I mean, we can’t see Him, so you can’t look at Him and tell He’s strong. You can’t watch Him lift a heavy box and know that He is strong. How can we tell if God is strong?

I’d like you to watch the three video stories from the Bible that shows just how strong God is.

In Hannah’s prayer to God we see her address God by a name that hasn’t been used to this point in the Old Testament. Hannah uses the name “Lord of Hosts” to address God, a name that refers to God’s power and His access to anything or anyone He wishes to use. In another translation "God of the Angel Armies” This is what Hannah calls God. She says, “God your name is ‘God of the Angel Armies’ 

How do you think Hannah felt going to the temple each year? 

What do you think Hannah asked for/ said to God when she prayed on her own? 

What was the promise she made? 

Why do you think she gave her son to God? 

Hannah and Samuel Sunday School Lesson - Better Bible Teachers 

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