Vintage Church: 13th August

Aug 13

Vintage Church: The Good Shepherd

This week we are looking at The Good Shepherd. The bible readings we are looking at are John 10 11-16 and Luke 4-7

Discussion points: What does the reading say or mean to you?  Am i following what God is asking of me?  Who in my life are mentors and leaders who support, guide and are there for me?  Who in our congregation can i support, uplift and grow?  How can i support our Church during this unusual time we are in?


Half cross stitch: Pull needle up through the back of the second square on the bottom right of the canvas. Insert the needle through the right front square diagonal to the first bottom stitch. Whip stitch: Pull the need up through the back of a single square on the canvas and in each stitch around.

  1. Yarn: Cut a 50-inch strand of yarn in the main color for each cross.
  2. Trim: Cut a 32-inch strand of yarn for trim for each cross, if a different color border is desired.
  3. Twine: Cut a 12-inch strand of twine for each cross.
  4. Cross Stitch Easter Canvas Cross Bookmarks Tutorial


    STEP 1: Attach charm to twine and insert twine into two top center holes of the canvas. Tie the two ends of twine in a small knot.

    Cross Stitch Easter Canvas Cross Bookmarks Step 1 Fasten Tassel
    STEP 1: Fasten twine and charm to the canvas

    STEP 2: Beginning at the bottom of the cross, half cross stitch across and up filling the canvas. Make sure you include the two squares with the twine. Do not fasten off yarn. There will be a couple of squares that will be open but will be filled once you whipstitch the trim around the canvas. You will also need to make sure you don’t catch the twine in the cross stitch. Hold it back or roll it up until the canvas is filled.

    Cross Stitch Easter Canvas Cross Bookmarks - Step 2 Half Cross Stitch
    STEP 2: Half cross stitch over and up

    STEP 3: Start trim in the nearest corner. Whip stitch around adding two stitches to each corner. Tie off and weave in or trim loose ends.

    Cross Stitch Easter Canvas Cross Bookmarks - Step 3 Whip Stitch
    STEP 3: Whip stitch around the border of the canvas cross

    Cross Stitch Easter Canvas Cross Bookmark

    Full details can be found at the website below:

Thank you Lord, for bringing us all here together to praise you and to find friendship and fellowship together. We continue to follow you and reach out to others in our congregation and community. Its amazing how we are being brought together to praise & worship you even though we are not physically in our Church building.

Lord we ask for your help. Help us continue to follow you on this journey we are on, help us to do the right thing and support us when we question you and what we are seeing and hearing. Look after those who are hurting, isolated, distressed and are in times of loss or despair. Look after the countries and villages that are in turmoil after natural disasters or war zones. Comfort and uphold them, keep them safe at this time.

 Lord we ask you to look after members of our congregation, their friends and family and our community. Give peace and wellbeing to them. Show them your presence. 

In Jesus' name we pray. Amen 

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