Thy Kingdom Come: Day four

May 23

Day four of Thy Kingdom Come is looking at sorry 

Day 4: Sorry

Skittle sweets prayer activity:

Use sweets to pray for Jesus’ love to surround friends and family and say a Teaspoon style prayer.

You will need: Bag of skittles; plate; hot water (not hot enough to scald, but hot enough to make the colour run).

Choose a skittle colour to represent Thankfulness, Sorry, Please, Family and Friends. As each person chooses a coloured skittle and puts it on the plate say out loud talk about what you are praying for. EG: Red = Sorry. ‘I am sorry for not being the kindest I could have been today’ Once everyone has chosen 5 skittles, one to represent each colour and they have said their prayers and put them around the edge of the plate get a grown up to pour some hot water on to the plate to cover its surface. Pour it carefully so that the skittles stay in place. Wait and the skittles will gradually release their colour. As the colour is released, pray that Jesus will surround the people you are praying for with his love and hear the things you are saying Sorry for. 

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