St Francis Stride & Ride Fundraiser

Jul 24

Striding and Riding for St Francis Sponsored Event JULY 2020

Between Saturday 4th July and Sunday 12th July many brave and determined souls pledged to step, ride and run for St Francis Church, in response to the financial predicament churches have found themselves in due to COVID-19. The event was also an attempt to unify the St Francis Community whether taking part or supporting the participants- in the absence of the Summer fundraisers we usually enjoy.

We had enthusiastic Striders/Riders from all ages strutting their way around the beautiful countryside we enjoy here, to impress their sponsors. Wet weather was braved and sore legs endured. Some even rode disguised as giraffes to fit in with the wildlife?

Bikes without stabilizers were ridden for the first time and scooters joined the mix. Some even chose to scooter/run to complete their journeys (Triathletes in the making).

Dogs also joined the challenge-but their steps/miles were not counted, as it was thought they would provide an unfair advantage to the household competition as they always run twice as far as their humans.

We even had new arrivals striding the streets to meet their new Parishioners!

Everyone who took part or sponsored someone in support, have contributed to this fantastic event. Watch this space as it may even become an annual fundraiser.

Congratulations goes to all the Stride and Riders but the awards are as follows:

Team Brimley- For covering a whooping 219 miles over the 9 days and for dressing to impress the wildlife.

Tom Burke- For running an epic 80 miles.

Team Fennell- For stepping a staggering 540 000 steps between them- that is 135 000 steps each (not including the dogs)!!!

The children of St Francis did an amazing job and have been awarded certificates for their varied and personal achievements. Well done to all of you!!!

Thank you to those who have shared photos of the event- please enjoy!

A grand total raised will be shared in due course.

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