Holy spirit: Balloon rocket

Apr 20

Following on from our YACC Sunday session yesterday I have a Holy spirit activity for all ages:

You need a balloon, string, straw and cellotape
(You can give your household all the materials and get them to devise a way of getting the balloon from A to B in a straight a line as possible and then follow instructions below if they don’t manage it)

Balloon rocket:
This balloon rocket whooshes across the string! How is this rocket with a balloon motor made? Take a straw and thread it onto a string. Stretch the string across the room or use two chairs and tie the string to each chair and make sure you leave the string tight so the balloon can travel a good distance. Inflate the balloon and stick it to the straw with tape or masking tape.
Let go of the balloon.
(Don’t tie balloon up)

• We can’t see Jesus –just like air
• Yet he still moves us into action and gives us strength.
• Without Jesus we are like a balloon without air.

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