Easter Sunday

Apr 14
Today is Easter Sunday! Jesus has risen and is alive! 

Today we are exploring the Bible verse: John 20 v1-18

Below are some Bible story videos to help you explore and learn more about the Easter Story

Jesus is alive! He conquered death. He destroyed sin. 

Jesus is alive! If we put our trust in Jesus he will give us new life with him. He will take away our sin. He will give us back that good relationship with God.

Do you know Jesus today? Do you believe that he died for you and rose from the dead? Do you put your trust in him?

If you answered “yes” then remember that Easter is a time to celebrate what Jesus did for us. Actually every time we come to church we can celebrate that. In fact, you can celebrate that all of the time, wherever you are. This news is too good not to celebrate all of the time. And to share with others.

If you haven't met Jesus yet, but you want to know him, today is your day. Pray to him. Ask him to come into your heart. Ask him to take away your sin. Ask him to give you a good relationship with God.

God loves us. He wants to have a good relationship with us. He sent Jesus to die for us and take away our sin. Jesus rose from the dead. This is happiness. This is good news. This is Easter. 


Here are our worship songs for today's session: 

Dear God,

Thank you for sending Jesus to earth. Because of his death and resurrection our sins can be forgiven and we can have a good relationship with you.

In Jesus’ name, 


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