Easter Quiz

Apr 08

Easter Quiz  Questions and awnsers

1:True or false: Easter has a fixed date?

2:What type of bun is traditionally eaten on Good Friday?

3:When do Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus?

4:Can you unscramble the name of a famous Easter character:


5:Which of the following cakes is traditionally eaten at Easter time: a) Battenberg, b) Panettone, c) Simnel Cake?

6:True or false: The Thursday before Easter is known by Christians as Maundy Thursday?

7:Which plant is a symbol of the resurrection of Jesus: a) Rose, b) Lily, c) Tulip?

8:What type of fancy hat begins with the letter B and is worn a- Easter?

9:Who shared the final meal, known as the Last Supper, with Jesus?

 10:What type of newly hatched bird is a symbol of Easter?

11:The period of Lent reflects the 40 days that Jesus spent in the: a) Garden of Gethsemane, b) Town of Bethlehem, c) Desert?

12:Which famous Easter song includes the lyrics, 'One a penny two a penny'?

13:True or false: Easter occurs on the Sunday before Good Friday?

14:Good Friday honors the day that Jesus was: a) Crucified, b) Baptized, c) Resurrected?

15:Can you unscramble the following word to reveal the name of a gift that we share at Easter time: TSAERE GSEG?

1) False: Easter has no fixed date

2) Hot Cross Bun

3) Easter Sunday

4) Easter Bunny

5) c) Simnel Cake?

6) True

7) b) Lily (Easter Lily)

8) Bonnet

9) The Apostles / Disciples

10) Chick

11) c) Desert?

12) Hot Cross Buns

13) False: Easter occurs on the Sunday after Good Friday, not before

14) a) Crucified

15) Easter eggs

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