Day 9: Thy Kingdom Come: Celebrate

May 29

Day 9: Celebrate: Today's focus is celebration. Below is today's activity and the prayer journal.

Fizzy Explosion Prayers

Today's activity is showing our Praise for God as we give Thanks and celebrate those special people in our lives!

Explosive Prayers

You will need: Bicarbonate of soda; white vinegar;
food colouring; eye droppers (or a straw that you dip in the vinegar and let the drops fall from it); a baking tray or large flat container.

1. Mix food colouring into white vinegar to colour it.

2. Keep each colour of vinegar in a separate cup and
assign a dropper/straw to each cup.

4. Cover the bottom of a baking tray with bicarbonate of soda.

5. Add a drop of coloured vinegar onto the soda and watch the explosion!

6. Invite everyone to choose a colour of vinegar that represents someone they would like to Praise God for.

7. As they drop the vinegar onto the soda, pray that the power and love of Jesus will touch that person’s life.

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