Sunday 5th July – Eucharist for 4th Sunday after Trinity

Jul 05

Welcome to our Communion Service for the 4th Sunday after Trinity Sunday, whether you are joining us for the first time or are regularly with us. It is a pleasure to be able to bring you these services and worship together even when we are apart. The service will be live at 10.00 am. If you do not see it, please refresh the page.

If you would like to you can download the Order of Service by clicking on the button below.

You can watch the service once it goes live (or any time after). If it has already started you can rewind it back to the beginning using the bar at the bottom of the video.

Next week things will be slightly different. Please do click on the 'Resumption of Public Worship' button below the video to find out more.

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Rachel Hickey July 5, 2020

Wonderful service! Thank you to all who took part and put the service together behind the scenes.

Great intersessions Anabell and Matthew- loved the Lego!

Rachel your sermon was both up lifting and thought provoking! I am really looking forward to working and worshipping alongside you.

Rachel H

amanda July 5, 2020

Lovely service as always,

amanda July 5, 2020

Apologies, hit sent way too soon.

Thank you Annabel and Matthew for the intercessions, great use of the Lego too!

Rachel- a great Sermon, food for thought for sure.


Marcia Agnew July 5, 2020

Lovely service, thanks to all.
Good job Annabelle and Matthew.Impressive.
Marcia and Dougie

Irene Wilson July 12, 2020

THank you Jenny and Rachael for an uplifting service on Sunday. This has been helpful to me at a very stressful and difficult time with words of hope from the sermon.


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