Sunday 4th October – Eucharist for Patronal Festival

Oct 04

Welcome to our Communion Service for our Patronal Festival - St Francis, whether you are joining us for the first time or are regularly with us. It is a pleasure to be able to bring you these services and worship together even when we are apart. 

We have now resumed public worship in church (8am and 9.15am on Sundays, 7.30pm Tuesdays & 10.30am Wednesdays). We are very aware that for some people the option of coming to church is not possible or you are just not ready for this step yet. We will be continuing to provide worship via this site.

The service will be live at 12 noon and will be a recording of the 8am service that has taken place that morning and we are delighted you can join us in this way. Bare with us as we continue to explore and develop ways of bringing worship to all. 

In addition to the video recording of the 8am service (below) we are pleased to make available an audio recording of the 9.15 service, at which some of the choir will be present and singing for us. (click on the link below to listen)

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