Mothering Sunday Service – 22 March 2020

Mar 21

The service order can be downloaded below the video:

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John Butler March 22, 2020


Neither the streaming nor the video played on either Safari or Chrome.

must be some kin of technical hitch.

best wishes

John Butler

    Paul Dunstan March 22, 2020

    Hi John,
    Unfortunately, Facebook was overloaded and we were unable to live stream. I will be uploading the recorded video soon. Please check back later.

Sarah-Beth March 22, 2020

Works on Apple mobile devices.
I have shared the link with my folks too.
Thank you for doing this.

craig and julie March 22, 2020

Thanks to everyone involved in getting this Sunday’s Service to us.

God Bless us all.

David and Lynn Burling March 22, 2020

Thank you to everyone for getting this to us. God bless.

John Spurgeon March 22, 2020

Pleased to see the recording, with the video in an elegant format. I am sure that next week we will have mastered the service text layout (!) and would a closer mic remove some of the background noise? I thought that the organ was switched on and we were about to get some music! Well done.

Alison March 22, 2020

Thank you for this service Jenny and team.

Really helped today.

Thanks be to God

Penny Hyde March 24, 2020

Found the Website and was pleased to hear the service. Not fully techno minded but learning.

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