5th Sunday at Five

The 5th at 5 is awesome! The informal, modern worship leaves you feeling connected with God and energised for the days ahead."

5th Sunday at 5 Service

Member of Congregation

The 5th Sunday @ Five is our Contemporary Worship Service. It takes place, as you might guess, every time there is a 5th Sunday in a month and starts at 5 pm. At present, 30 - 50 people of all ages attend and services last around 45 minutes.

Services are led by a worship band and are themed around the Christian Seasons into which they fall. There may be some liturgy, but there may not. There may be a reading, but there may not. There may be a sermon, but there may not. There may be activities aimed at the child in all of us, but there may not!

What will always be the case is that creative space is made to worship Jesus and to invite him to speak to us afresh during the service. We aim for people to leave inspired and renewed.