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As Christians we are called to recognise and respect the individuality and dignity of all people. We have a special responsibility to safeguard both the children and young people entrusted to our care, and all those adults in our church community who may be vulnerable. Our work with children, young people and adults at St Francis takes many forms and it is the responsibility of each of us to prevent the physical, emotional, sexual, financial, and spiritual abuse of vulnerable people and report any such abuse that we discover or suspect. We will work with all individuals regardless of race, disability, gender, culture or creed and ensure that we are constantly mindful of their welfare.

Policy and procedures are based on legislation and Church of England national policy statement and practice guidance.

Our Safeguarding policies are on display in the church porch.

Responding Well to Domestic Abuse

Safeguarding Policy

These policies should be read in combination with the following documents:

Protecting All God’s Children

(safeguarding policy for children and young people  4th ed , 2010)

Promoting a safe Church

(safeguarding Policy for adults 2006)

Promoting a Safer Church

(House of Bishops statement 2017)

Promoting a Safer Church - The Church of England

If you have questions regarding any of these issues, please contact the Safeguarding Lead, Rev Jenny Fennell.