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The Musical Team

The St Francis Choir

The St Francis Choir is directed by Richard Harrison. Fourteen men and more than 20 trebles, both boys and girls, sing together regularly during our 9.15am service and once a month at the 6pm Choral Evensong. The Choir has also sung at many cathedrals including Norwich, St Albans, Ripon, Peterborough, Portsmouth and St Asaph. The Choir has an excellent reputation for developing the talents and personal skills of young people within a supportive community. The children are drawn from local schools and voice trials take place each November when the few places available are hotly contested.

The St Francis Singers

The St Francis Singers, led by Liz Green, generally sing on the second Sunday of each month for the 9.15am service. (The practice is on the previous Thursday evening.) They also sing with the Main Choir for the 10am services, held five times a year. Midweek evening services, such as Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Ascension Day and Midnight Mass are also sung by the St Francis Singers, joined by the men of the main choir. They have sung carols in the Howard Centre to advertise our Christmas Tree Festival and lead the singing at funerals, providing an uplifting atmosphere at a difficult time for mourners.

St Francis Youth Choir

The St Francis Youth Choir is led by Emma Harrison and sings at the 9.15am service twice a term. It is intended for boys and girls aged between 13 and 18 who can’t commit to the demands of the main choir. For example, the girls of the main choir who retire at 15 years old can continue their singing at St Francis with less regular commitment, while having more time to focus on forthcoming school exams.

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